We are here to save you money

Hiring a full or part time accounting staff for your business or nonprofit organization costs a lot of money.  2KR Consulting provides highly skilled accounting services for just the amount of time your organization requires, reducing your cost.  We are highly flexible and can adjust to support your organization depending on your daily, weekly, monthly or seasonal needs.  Our goal is to provide your organization with the services it needs to become more successful at the lowest cost possible.

We value your financial success

Accurate accounting and financial reporting is essential to the success of every business or nonprofit organization. However owners and managers want to focus on making their organization successful rather than on accounting.  2KR Consulting will provide your accounting services for you at the lowest cost possible. Clear up to date financial information helps your organization understand where it has been, where it is going and how it can operate more successfully.  When your accounting information is tracked accurately and efficiently, your organization will run more smoothly and you will have the information necessary to make important financial decisions at your disposal.

We partner with you to serve you

We believe in the value of building relationships and view every client as a partner.  As a result we measure our success based on the success of your organization.  Because 2KR Consulting is a small business itself, we can relate and cater to your needs. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and offer customized services specifically designed to fit the unique needs of your organization.