Industry Focus

The partners of 2KR Consulting have a long history of working with small businesses and nonprofit organizations. That experience includes CFO of a major university nonprofit alumni association, CFO and board member of a startup education franchise, CFO of a startup advertising company, Treasurer and board member of a large church & preschool, Treasurer of the board of multiple educational foundations, Director of Finance for a non-profit association, accounting support for several small entities and several volunteer board positions for other nonprofit organizations. 2KR Consulting decided to focus on small businesses and nonprofit organizations where limited financial resources often create skill shortages in the areas of accounting, reporting and systems design.   When your company or organization needs experienced help dealing with these complex issues 2KR Consulting has the knowledge and expertise in QuickBooks, bookkeeping, reporting, accounting, analytics, advisory services and business systems to serve your unique needs at a total cost that saves you both time and money.

Long-Term Care Facilities

We currently provide accounting support for long-term care facilities in accordance with GAAP.  We identify current financial position as well as discuss future expected position.  We utilize our experience to provide advisory services in addition to accounting services.

Non-Profit Organizations

With both partners' experience as senior officers of non-profits, we help a variety of non-profits from church organizations to associations.  We cover our client needs for compliance with OMB-121 and A-133 audit regulations. In our experience most nonprofit organizations and associations rely heavily on volunteers to maintain their financial records and reports.  One major problem with reliance on volunteers is turnover.   In some instances the volunteer approach works well however, the vast majority of these organizations do not have accurate or timely reporting and are forced to make critical decisions while effectively flying blind.   Our accounting service provides the management and board with the information they need to make informed decisions and at a price that is extremely affordable.

Church & Preschool Organizations

Most small churches and preschools do not have the luxury of having professional help with their accounting and reporting.  Larger churches and preschools who have staff often face skill shortages in the areas of accounting, reporting and systems design. With our experience in churches and preschools we have found that we can provide just the right amount of assistance to support your needs and at a price that even small churches can afford.  In fact just having our service provides another layer of control to ensure that the resources of the church are more fully protected.

Small Business Industries

We provide accounting services for a variety of small business industries including solar companies, car washes, construction firms, production and distribution companies, and retail services companies.  These companies include multiple startups where we play a key role analyzing feasibility and providing advisory services based on our findings.

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