About Us

2KR Consulting was founded by Keith and Kris Ritzmann to provide Accounting, Advisory and Business Systems expertise to businesses in Arizona.  We believe in developing close relationships with our clients to better understand the unique needs of their organizations.  Through these relationships, we become your partner with the goal of improving your organization’s profitability, efficiency and financial health.

Small businesses and nonprofit organizations often face skill shortages in the areas of accounting, taxes and business systems design.  When your organization needs experienced help dealing with these complex issues, 2KR Consulting has the knowledge and expertise in QuickBooks, bookkeeping, tax, accounting, analytics and business systems to serve the unique needs of your organization.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high level accounting and system design help at a price that makes sense and improves the profitability and financial health of our client's organization . We communicate openly with clients to reach an understanding of their needs and are dedicated to very high standards of excellence and professionalism.

Our Firm

2KR Consulting has almost 50 years of combined experience in all areas of accounting and tax as well as  systems design and implementation.  We are ready and eager to provide your company excellent customer service and guidance.  We believe that our combined knowledge and experience will help our clients achieve remarkable results. 

Meet Our Partners

Keith Ritzmann

With over 40 years’ experience in Accounting and Business Systems Development, Keith held the positions of CFO for a $10M advertising company, CFO for a major university alumni association, CIO & Principal Accounting Officer for a $350M media & entertainment company as well as the owner of his own consulting practice.  During this period he developed seasoned skills in the following areas:

Financial Management – including complete responsibility for financial management at the corporate, multi-company and division levels.  Development and presentation of financial statements, budgets, long range business plans as well as $2 billion in debt and equity financing (public & private).

Technology Strategy – covering the areas of platform selection, connectivity (both local and wide area), system integration, system design & development as well as selection & implementation of key third party software solutions.

Team Building – encompassing the hiring, structuring, supervising and development of finance and technology management personnel in both centralized and decentralized organizational structures.

Business Model Development – utilizing his finance and technology experience to not only enhance ongoing operations but develop new business ventures that leveraged existing core competencies.

 Kris Ritzmann, MBA

With over 8 years of experience in Accounting, analysis and business systems, Kris held the positions of Director of Finance for a non-profit, Planning & Analysis Supervisor for a multiple property casino and Treasurer of the board for multiple non-profit organizations.  This experience has enabled Kris to develop exceptional skills in the follow areas:

Financial Management
– cash flow management along with future cash flow forecasting to determine positions related to debt requirements and investor needs.  Developed the financial portion of a plan presented to the congressional budget office for future business plans.  Provided historical and forecasted debt covenant management in regards to leverage, liquidity and activity ratios. 

New Business Opportunities
– covering the areas of a change in marketing strategy, capital investment analysis, derivative investment strategies, cash flow management services.  Kris helped implement two major marketing efforts while acting as Planning & Analysis supervisor by determining recommended reinvestment, financial liability, and proposed risk related to the new plan. 

Accounting Systems Development
– replaced a CPA firm who provided bookkeeping and financial services to the association for 20 years with a customized QuickBooks accounting application.  Kris also focused on internal control and standards compliance which corrected their significant control deficiencies and resulted in a clean audit.